How to Generate Debugging Logs

There are a variety of logs that provide useful information on your Umbrel machine. In every case, we need you to copy the log entries and input them into an online service like 0bin (set the expiration to 1 month) or, which will provide a link that you can share.

If you are able to log into Umbrel through a browser
Logs are available under Settings->Troubleshooting. Please note that it may take a moment to output all the logs.


If you are unable to log into Umbrel through a browser
Open a terminal (Powershell on Windows, Terminal app on macOS) and execute:

ssh -t umbrel@umbrel.local “~/umbrel/scripts/debug”

The prompted password is your dashboard password if you set it, otherwise the default password is “moneyprintergobrrr” (without quotes). Please note that it may take a moment to output all the logs.


Please place the 0bin/ link into your support requests - we may request additional logs, but this is usually a necessary first step.

There’s a handful of other logs that we may ask for, including application and hardware-specific logs.

For application-specific logs
docker-compose logs --tail=300 {insert application here}

For example, for lnd and bitcoin logs:
docker-compose logs --tail=300 lnd
docker-compose logs --tail=300 bitcoin

For hardware-related logs
Hardware-related logs are also available on the Umbrel UI if you’re able to access it, they are in the same spot as the rest of the logs

If you are using SSH, the command is:

If something seems broken with startup
If your Umbrel is having a problem specific to starting up somehow, another log that might be helpful are the Karen logs, available here:

ssh -t umbrel@umbrel.local “tail -n200 ~/umbrel/logs/karen.log”

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Ive tried running both of these commands and get the same response in my teminal:

bash: “tail: command not found

Connection to umbrel.local closed.

What am I doing wrong here?