How to change Bitcoin Node install path?

Using Ubunto under Windows 10. I have an external drive attached that is big enough to receive the copy of the Bitcoin blockchain. In windows, the external drive is the D: drive. I have created the Mnt path and can see it within the Ubunto terminal. However, when I try to install the Umbrel Bitcoin Node, it always creates the folder structure under my account /home folder. How to I configure the Bitcoin Node install and synch so that it uses the external drive?

as i know not possible for now.
because this docker (bitcoin core) is creating the structure which is preset with umbrel os.
maybe you’re able to change something in the bitcoin core via ssh for example in presets or so
maybe you can change the location for the blockchain folder that the app knows where to find it know.
but i think it will be quite complicated also for other apps you need to change it later that they get to work


Thanks for the reply. I did find a few suggested ways of doing it but, as you said, messy. I tried and failed. Does this problem go away if running on a Linux device?

no worries
sadly no difference because it’s a raspberry pi/ linux based os.
so it’s the same issues you will have on a other linux machine. also ubuntu is already like a other linux base machine.

but i think i saw something that it might come in the future. that you’re able to change the blockchain destination/directory.