How do I get a SSL certificate for my raspberry pi node?

I assume nginx comes installed with umbrel o/s? Do I have to install Certbot or is this already installed as well? Basically I need to generate a CSR.


Im coming to the stage where im 100% synced and will be facing the same issues as this I am not a Linux expert however, I have been through the process of hardening VPS’s / Cloud instance(s) multiple times.

In the past found some really helpful walkthroughs/ guides and things to consider when tackling Linux boxes over on digitalocean forum/help section.
Check these links below:

Digitalocean Securing your Linux vps

There you will find some info on generating standalone / wildcard Nginx secure certs here:

Digitalocean - How to create lets encrypt wildcard certificates with certbot

Hope this points you in the right direction.