How do I check the Pi 4 temperature from dashboard?


My Pi4 is attached to my router in a metal box in the wall in my laundry room. Since I work upstairs on my iMac, I access umbrel.local from my web browser.

Is it possible to see the Pi4 temperature? Is there an app?

Also, can I monitor from my cell phone?

Thank you! I appreciate your insight. I just set this up last night. :slight_smile:

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Under Settings > Troubleshoot you can get logs which include the Pi4 temperature. If you’re on the same WiFi with your phone you can access to it the same way (umbrel.local), otherwise use your onion link.

Thank you Frank… I found it on my iMac however my android cell phone will not pick up umbra.local …hmmmm. I tried Chrome and the default web browser. Should it be accessible?

If you want to look at your node from your smartphone, you have two options.
1: Use any browser and umbrel.local link or IP adres for node, but the condition is to be connected to the same network as the node.
2: To connect remotely from another network, you need a Tor browser, you enter the .onion address you find in your node settings.

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I just installed Tor Browser on my cell phone since no other web browser on Android seems to work :slight_smile:

I am getting an “unable to connect…try again” message when I type umbrel.local maybe because I am still downloading the bitcoin core, which has been running for a day and a half now. It is at 66% now.

It is running slow because although I installed heatsinks is it running over 80 degrees. I ordered a "Raspberry Pi 4 Metal Case with Fan,Raspberry Pi 4B Case with Raspberry Pi Low-Profile CPU Cooler,Raspberry Pi Horizontal ICE Tower Cooler (Silver), which should arrive tomorrow sometime. I assume the speed is due to the heat. :slight_smile:
Thank you
Dora .

I found my error. I was literally typing “umbrel.local” BUT I just learned that I need to use the onion addresss in my Tor Browser. All set now for viewing remotely!

Thank you @Gemy

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My Raspberry Pi 4 has a JOY-iT Armor Aluminium Heatsink Case with dual fans. The node temperature is kept at 37°C

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There’s a nice app for iPhone called ServerCat (not sure if it have an Android version tho). It connects via SSH and gives you a lot of info, including temperature of course. You can even open a shell. It’s really handy.


Absolute great share!

Do you know of a way to run this over Tor to get easy access outside premises from iOS?

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As far as I can tell it only supports SSH.

Ok, maybe I’ll reach out to App dev and see.

Cursory glance shows desktop options

The TorProject link talks about SOCKS, so not sure if I can force iOS over SOCKS → Tor

Let’s see

Do you trust the developer? Feels a bit strage to trust a free app with my SSH login details.

It’s a good point. I still haven’t fund my node neither have lightning channels open. So not much risk here. Besides the node is only reachable in the local network. The app should have a back door to gain access, which is possible, even in the Apple App Store. I agree that one should be careful.

It’s probably best not to use it in the case of node.
Still, can change credentials since its via password.

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Did anyone find a way to monitor the node via Tor outside the local network?

At the moment am using that has limited functionalities (node up / node down / channel open / channel close).

Another app am using is Zeus wallet, a bit slow to connect but great overall.

Any other options out there?