How can I serve a static website?

This seems like it should be a common use case and a trivial thing to do, but I cannot see any way to do it. I have a personal website that consists of a static collection of html pages that I would like to serve from the Umbrel home. How can I do it? I don’t see a web server like Apache2 or Nginx in the apps store. Could NextCloud or some other app do it?

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Use Portainer app, install any webserver you want - easy and most flexible way.

Check out Automad. v2 isn’t quite ready for production release yet, but v1 is. You can download either as a docker container from dockerhub using portainer but be sure to follow the guides on their website regarding volumes and ports (it’s just an /app volume and it runs on port 80 internally though you could remap that to a different port so you don’t bork your umbrel web interface). Nice piece of software.

why not use ?