How can I install Umbrel laptop to SSD except bitcoin to HDD?

I have a laptop I’m repurposing for umbrel. It has a 500G SSD and a 1TB HDD. I have Ubuntu 20.04 on it. I want everything but bitcoin core to be on the SSD, and have bitcoin core be on the HDD. I haven’t found a clear recommended way of doing this - only a few posts from around the web. My best guess at the process is:

  1. Install Umbrel to SSD
  2. Install bitcoin app and start downloading blockchain a little bit
  3. Stop Umbrel
  4. Move the umbrel bitcoin folder to the HDD
  5. Update some files in Umbrel to point to the new bitcoin path on the HDD

For step 4, I moved “~/umbrel/app-data/bitcoin” to “mnt/hdd/bitcoin”.

There’s a docker-compose.yml file in ~/umbrel/ but it doesn’t have a bitcoin section

There’s a docker-compose.yml file in /mnt/hdd/bitcoin/ but will changing that be enough for umbrel to know that it has moved?

When I installed Umbrel, I chose the default file path. Should I do something different instead? I’m happy to restart over completely, just want to figure out how to make this work.

Here are the links I found for previous answers:

do you already get the solutions for that issues?