How am I paying 55,000 sats in fees on a tx?

I just sent a tx from Umbrel lightning wallet to my Muun wallet, and as far as I understand, I am connected to their node directly. Without giving it any info, I simply created an invoice on Muun, and pasted it into LND. ThunderHub said it made 1 hop to magnetron, which is what I would’ve expected, but it said the fee was 55,000 sats. Pardon the French but, what the hell? Am I missing something here?

STOP using that shit wallet! Is the worst wallet ever, is not even a LN wallet, just faking it…
Muun wallet is kinda custodial, for its peculiar and obscure way to create / restore wallet based on unique words and/or account system. Not being able to use the same seed words into another app makes it to fall into “custodial” category.

There’s a way to recover your wallet keys, separately from the app with this tool.

Also, is good to mention this thread about Muun here.

NOTE: Is very easy to fuck Muun and make its users to pay high fees, with this simple trick:

  • open a new account in Muun, send 1 sat to Muun (you can’t say you open a wallet)
  • recover that account separately and I get 2500 sats for free
  • those 2500 sats will be pushed as fees on you and other users by Muun
  • I get 2500 free sats
    Repeat this every few hours… with a new account, as described in this reddit post.

Muun sucks - users pay high fees

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Very interesting. I will definitely drop muun if this is the case, but do you really think this is what’s happening? Simply, muun is so bad, it’s why I’m paying this ridiculous fee for a lightning tx?

What android wallet do you recommend, might I ask?

Just look at their fees. This pure insanity!

I do not recommend one in particular. But I wrote a guide that can help choose one more suitable for your use. Choose wisely.

That is NOT a peer you would want to have with your node…
Here you have another guide I wrote about fees experiment, read carefully, a lot of things to learn from there