Hardware or software issue?

First off, for those of you that help answer these questions, bless your souls. Many of us are exceeding our technical capabilities to try and do more with Bitcoin, and you all make it possible.

I am stuck on the “Error: System Service Failed”

I think I’ve read damn near every article on this site and I still can’t pinpoint exactly what I am supposed to do to resolve this.

I’m running 4B 8GB in the Argon One M.2 case, and factory RPi power source. I can’t determine if I am running into a hardware or a software issue.

I reflashed today with the most up-to-date Umbrel OS.

From what I can interpret from the Logs, there is the initial start-up dependency that is failing and the last log seems like SSD might be running into an issue.

Looking for advice on where to go. I’ve run most of the commands that are available in the help guide but they don’t seem to get me anywhere.


I’ve been doing some digging on the Argon forums and it seems this could potentially be related to an issue with that SSD pulling too much power.

Does anything in the logs seem to reflect that?

For anyone in the future, I got some help and ended up reformatting the SSD through SSH and that got it to work.

sudo fdisk /dev/sda

to format: sudo mkfs.ext4 /dev/sda1