Fresh install of Umbrel 0.5.3, can't install any app

I have been using Umbrel for a while now. Recently I had some internet connectivity issues and changed intenet provider. I also updated to the latest version of of Bitcoin Node. After the update the node could not be synced. After various attempts at resolving this issue I decided to have a fresh install of Umbrel. I also wiped my SSD in the process. Umbrel was installed without a problem and I have access to the main screen. The problem is when trying to install Bitcoin Node, it is hung on installing and doesn’t go beyond it. I can’t install other apps either. I had some issues ssh into my Umbrel node but resolved this issue too.

a link to my troubleshooting log is enclosed below. Can you help?

umbrel-1672097977463-debug.log (12.5 KB)