Few questions for new user

I am interested in running my own full node.
Can it run on its own subnet as long as I allow my pc access? Does it open up any security risk running a node on your network?


Hi @MrJay

I don’t believe there should be any issues running it from a subnet.
In terms of security risks for running a node, the Umbrel Bitcoin node is fairly locked down and by default only accepts incoming connections over TOR/I2P, and none from clearnet. I hope that clarifies things- let me know if you have any other questions

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Thanks for the reply. Besides the Bitcoin node application and electrs is there any other apps you recommend?

These are the apps that I personally get the most value out of:
Lightning app: Enables you to run your own lightning node, and use lightning self-custodially.
Nostr Relay: If you use Nostr, this allows you to back-up all your data!
Plex + other media apps: I use this to torrent/stream movies on demand.
Nextcloud: Back up files/photos onto my own drives instead of using cloud services.
Tailscale: Access my Umbrel from anywhere.

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Thanks for the information!
One more question.
When I send a transaction and I am using my own node how do I verify that it is in fact using my node? I thought it might show up in mempool or electrs automatically.
Does Electrs not have a log?