Feature Request: external disks per app

Would be nice if I could add external HDDs and SSDs, and overrule the default data dir for each app. Then my system would be on a small internal M.2, bitcoin data on a large top-quality external SSD (1 or 2 TB), and Plex media on a huge cheap external HDD (10TB).
It’s just no use installing Plex if I can only store a couple of films.


I haven’t installed plex on my node for reasons i don’t need to get into here but I do have it running on a separate RPi and HDD’s. Is this version different than the normal version? You can just tell it where to look for media. At a quick glace it seems they maybe mounting in fstab.
I can test it out when i get some time.

Still not new user friendly

I have a raspberrypi i use as a media center with a few HDD’s attatched so it is doable