Feature request - 1 or 2 hop TOR

Most Umbrel users (I will speak for myself) use TOR instead of clearnet because their ISP gives them a dynamic IP address and because they don’t like to bother with port forward, …
They don’t use TOR for “anonymity” reasons - pseudo anonymity is sufficient.

3 hop TOR results in high latency, impacting lightning speed. 1 or 2 hop TOR would hopefully help.

It is my understanding that 1 or 2 hop TOR is unfortunately not a configuration, but requires a setting at the time of building.
Would it be possible to offer 2 or 3 TOR instances - for 1, 2 or 3 hops - and allow the user to select which TOR instance to launch at the time of startup?

Thanks a million!

Best, m

Do you have some more info on this 1 - 2 hop Tor setting?
And isn’t it the case that this result in losing some anonymity, reducing the amount of onions in between?
I’m also unsure if the bottleneck is entry, relay or exit nodes which are causing the delays. From what I’ve seen, it’s really hard to pinpoint, and Tor splits where nodes can’t see each other is also causing a lot of disconnect.

In any case, if you are looking for mitigations of the dyn-DNS or just don’t want to expose your home-IP, you may want to look at VPN solutions (either build yourself, or use Tunnel :zap: Sats