External drive not mounted, reflashed, no logs

Hi everyone,
This Umbrel instance has been running smoothly on Pi5 with 1TB SSD for a while. But a few days ago, it stopped responding. When I ssh-ed to it, only 2 docker containers were running. Rebooting showed no progress.
So I did what I do in these cases, I flashed a fresh version of umbrelos-pi5.img onto my SD card and booted up again but now it looks like it’s just not seeing the SSD and I can’t ssh to it anymore.
I can’t find any /scripts/ folder so I’m not able to produce troubleshooting logs
When I connect directly to the machine, I can see a 1 TB sda1 in lsblk but it’s not mounted (in mount).
Where do I go from here?

  • is there a log that exists that doesn’t depend on /scripts/ that I could run?
  • where is /scripts/ now?

I love my Umbrel and I can’t wait to get it back up. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Looks like ext4 on SSD got corrupted (superblock). Can’t seem to be able to repair. that’s a bummer. Will start from scratch. I would take any pointers as to how to restore. Like reusing my seed key, channels, whatever I might salvage… I don’t suppose my nostr backup will have survived…