Express VPN availability

Hi Umbrel community,

I’m looking for an easy way to run express vpn on my umbrel ( my router is not compatible with their “network-wide” solution). It should be possible as there is a Linux based Software solution.

The end purpose is to be able to run hybrid mode , with vpn. Any guidance available?

Thank you!

Check this guides:

  2. LND: Tor & Clearnet - How to setup hybrid-mode
  3. Recently Umbrel added Tailscale VPN. If want only access through a private VPN to your node, that is more than enough and works nice.

Adding one more to those excellent articles Darthcoin already provided.
It’s catered for raspiblitz, but should work pretty similar with umbrel, as most of the heavy lifting is happening on the VPS

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Thanks a lot both! I’m sure those methods are possible solutions but I would prefer to stay with the approach to use Express VPN directly

Also, there is a Raspibian file available to download and set up - is it possible to somehow install this directly to Umbrel to config the Express VPN solution?

Would Umbrel accept the Install and config for Open VPN ( Debian-based?)