Error: Failed to mount external drive

Hi everyone!

I had a working Umbrel node for about a day. As it was downloading the blockchain something seems to have gone wrong with my hard drive. When I visit http://umbrel.local/ I now get the error message: “Error: Failed to mount external drive”

I’ve followed the “How to install” guide using a Raspberry Pi4, a WD Blue SA510 1TB SSD, and a WAVLINK USB 3.0 to SATA External Hard Drive Enclosure. I am using the official power supply. The blue light on my enclosure still lights up when plugged into either my Mac or the Raspberry Pi.

Could anyone suggest troubleshooting steps for me? I’ve looked at similar topics, which seem to indicate a potential hardware issue. I primarily want to ensure I’ve done all the troubleshooting I can with my existing hardware before ordering anything new.

Thank you!

I have the same issue I try to hard format in MBR but same issue while installing

Give this a go, and if you’re problem still persists, please forward your logs into this post.
As you mention, it may very well be the SSD unfortunately.