Does Umbrel provide total anonymity?

if I install BTCPayServer from umbrel at home (on my own computer) and link it to my website, will people be able to find my personal IP address?

To use BTCPay from Umbrel, you will need to use this guide to make it ‚Äúvisible‚ÄĚ.

Or just use it as it is, but ONLY through Tor network. That means people will be able to browse your BTCpay shop ONLY if they use Tor browser (I hope you understand what that means).

Can you define what is ‚Äútotal anonymity‚ÄĚ for you?

Please consult the guides section of this forum for further questions.

Thanks for the tutorial, but if I understand correctly, if I want to integrate BTCPay to a site in the clearnet, with the reverse proxy btcpayserver does will no longer hide behind the tor network, and the real IP address of my networks will be reveal.

So the network will not be secure, in this case I prefer to install umbrel on a bulletproof server instead.

What have to do an IP with security of a network?
You really have no idea about how networks works?

So what makes you think that the IP of that server is not revealed?

BTW if I have the IP of your shop server don’t you think I could find you if I want?
The whole logic in this is flawed.
If you really want to be ‚Äútotal anonymous‚ÄĚ then never get out in clearnet or real life‚Ķ but I see that you still go back to that.

Paranoia too much for what?
Oh you are one of those ‚Äúparanoic monerobois‚Ä̂Ķ

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