Do Umbrel nodes show up in public node counts?

Was wondering if the Umbrel nodes show up in the public counts of such things, e.g., Clark Moody’s dashboard, the counts documenting Bitcoin on twitter posts, etc. Was thinking the tor caused our nodes to be hidden from view/counting but that’s just my guess and I can’t find a good answer easily. Thanks!


Usually, these documents / websites only count “listening nodes” (i.e. nodes that are configured to listen for incoming connections and thus share the blockchain). The large majority of Bitcoin nodes are non-listening, so it is not possible to evaluate precisely the number of Bitcoin nodes. However, Luke Dash Jr (Bitcoin score dev since 2011) offers an estimation and historical data on his website (but we do not really how he calculates this).

(For example, Umbrel nodes are non-listening nodes)


Is listening mode not possible through tor or is it disabled on purpose?

Thank you, this answers a lot of questions for me.

How come? I could reduce maxconnections and/or maxuploadtarget of bitcoind instead and still contribute to the network or am I missing something here?

Each to his own definition here, I think. I’d prefer to provide the blockchain for new or older nodes to help catching up. If every node would be non-listening, I think it would do harm to the network.

Uhm ok, I don’t see arguments against full nodes here. What’s your take on this?

You can check a good estimation of how many nodes are in the Bitcoin Network with Crawly tool from Josema @jochemin:

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Listening mode is possible on umbrel but as per the file is not recommended.
All you need to do is setup nginx and set the hosts config map the ports and allow them on inbound/outbound

Im not quite sure how one would approach routing TOR uri’s in a traditional DNS sense. I guess there could be some way to manage this using some kind of PTR/SRV record combination mixed in with running your own dns idk. I mean, to maintain a certain level of anonymity whilst also routing your onion url to a hostname/domain name id have to think about that…

Im sure there are guides available but you would have to adapt slightly as Umbral is built in a certain way. Like a sticking point for me is running things through docker and dockers dns system and virtual bridge thing…, its just weird.