Disk size not same as VM

Hi my first install seemed to work fine, I am running proxmox, I installed umbrel on a Ubuntu VM with 2GB mem and a 10GB hard drive - I installed the bitcoin node and Lightening node, the bitcoin node was at 100% synced so I setup the lightening node, created a wallet - then I went to my bitcoin account and transferred some bitcoin to my lightening node, but after doing so the lightening node didn’t show anything it seemed to be stuck waiting for the page to load properly.

I tried rebooting via settings loged back in bitcoin still showing as 100% synced, and the lightening node was still trying to load, checked the logs - cannot create wallet

The disk space was showing on 10GB despite the VM having 20GB - google search I used this to get the drive to use the full space Ubuntu: Extend your default LVM space - Packet Pushers

Tried a fresh install this time with a 40GB disk - after install only showed 10Gb ?? is there a way to change the disk size during install, going for my third attempt with a 100Gb drive

but why does the OS not detect the correct drive size during install?