Deprecation notice: Umbrel ditching Bitcoin-cli

I was jumping in to Bitcoin-cli to take a look under the hood of Umbrel. First command was

umbrel/bin/bitcoin-cli --version
*** Deprecation notice ***
In a future version of Umbrel, ‘bitcoin-cli’ will be removed.

I was like, what the flip?!

Two quesitons came to mind: when & why?

Is there anyone who knows what’s going on with this? I was swung to install Umbrel due to the wide range of apps and info. Raspiblitz came in second place. However, if the CLI goes, I’d reconsider migrating to RaspiBlitz. Can we save it?


Hi, did you find a solution then? i’m freaking out…xd

Didn’t find a solution, really. There’s been no response on the forum. I’ll go to Reddit/Telegram eventually.

Probably end up switching to Raspiblitz if ever they remove it.

Can’t think how they could, though Bitcoin CLI is a baked-in part of Bitcoin Core. So not really sure what all this means.

Hey @Mimmo and @saxtron3000, the deprecation notice isn’t referring to the actual bitcoin-cli that is part of Bitcoin Core. Instead, it is referring to the bitcoin-cli bash script that is located at ~umbrel/bin/bitcoin-cli.

The deprecation notice is saying that in the future, instead of running:
~umbrel/bin/bitcoin-cli --version

you will need to run:
~umbrel/scripts/app compose bitcoin exec bitcoind bitcoin-cli --version

Sorry for the confusion.


Thanks for clearing this up. I’m pretty new to CLI. So if I’m understand, the Bitcoin-Cli will be running on the Bitcoin core docker app and not on the Umbrel infrastructure?

thanks for your clarification.
But I have this other problem … home am I wrong?

user@user:~/umbrel/scripts$ app compose bitcoin exec bitcoind bitcoin-cli --version
Command ‘app’ not found, did you mean:
command ‘yapp’ from deb libparse-yapp-perl (1.21-2)
command ‘apg’ from deb apg (2.2.3.dfsg.1-5build2)
command ‘arp’ from deb net-tools (1.60+git20181103.0eebece-1ubuntu5)
command ‘cpp’ from deb cpp (4:11.2.0-1ubuntu1)
command ‘asp’ from deb asp (1.8-8build1)
command ‘gpp’ from deb gpp (2.27-1)
command ‘tpp’ from deb tpp (1.3.1-8)
command ‘mpp’ from deb makepp (
command ‘apt’ from deb apt (2.4.8)
command ‘pp’ from deb libpar-packer-perl (1.054-1build1)
command ‘apf’ from deb apf-firewall (9.7+rev1-6)
Try: sudo apt install

No problem. Correct, the bitcoin-cli will still be running in the bitcoin container. The thing we are deprecating was just a script (located at ~umbrel/bin/bitcoin-cli) that allowed you to pass in arguments (for example: --version), and the script would literally just run:

~umbrel/scripts/app compose bitcoin exec bitcoind bitcoin-cli --version

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Ah, there’s a typo in your command. app should be part of the file path. So you should run this:

~umbrel/scripts/app compose bitcoin exec bitcoind bitcoin-cli --version

Try copy and pasting it exactly.

satoshi@satoshi:~$ ~umbrel/scripts/app compose bitcoin exec bitcoind bitcoin-cli --version
bash: ~umbrel/scripts/app: No such file or directory

satoshi@satoshi:~/umbrel/scripts$ dir
app debug memory-usage start stop update
backup install repo status support
configure memory-monitor status-monitor umbrel-os

Ah, shoot this time I made a typo! Sorry about that. There should be a “/” between “~” and “umbrel”:

~/umbrel/scripts/app compose bitcoin exec bitcoind bitcoin-cli --version

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we won the game xd
~$ sudo ~/umbrel/scripts/app compose bitcoin exec bitcoind bitcoin-cli --version
[sudo] password for satoshi:
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thank you very much