Bitcoin CLI tool in Umbrel 1.04+

Hi -
I’m grateful for the amazing work with Umbrel 1.0+. I have version 1.04.

At the moment I am wondering where the bitcoin-cli location is, how to best run it since the 0.5 update, and to what depths others use this tool. I have not found enough yet by browsing the recent documentation on this forum since the update.

For example, I would be grateful for the return of the “getblockchaininfo” command which I had previously found helpful.


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in versions of umbrel where bitcoin-cli have been depreciated, run;

sudo docker ps -a

that will list out all your containers, then find the one for bitcoind, mine was named “bitcoin_bitcoind_1”

Then you can run your bitcoind or bitcoin-cli commends inside that container for your node.

sudo docker exec -it bitcoin_bitcoind_1 bitcoin-cli -getinfo

good luck

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