Check bitcoin supply on Umbrel node


What is the command used to check the real-time bitcoin supply through Umbrel node?


bitcoin-cli gettxoutsetinfo


This is the result I got with the command. I noticed that I could not use cli after ssh to my umbrel to interact with Bitcoin status. Pls help advise how to fix it.


I have the same problem. The guide by BitcoinQ&A ( also gives the option to verify the supply via the RPC explorer, but that doesn’t work either. Does anyone have a suggestion? Thanks


Any help pls! Thanks.

You should use the absolut or relative path to reach the commands.
The relative path is “~/umbrel/bin/bitcoin-cli gettxoutsetinfo”
Obs. This command can take several minutes to respond.


Thank u so much! I also figured out another longer command “docker exec bitcoin bitcoin-cli gettxoutsetinfo”

Why people love to complicate things when is so frikking simple !?
Just go and open the Umbrel app BTC RPC Explorer, right on the front page is there, just one frikking click.

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I would call it “go down the rabbit hole”. It is for educational purposes.
When you learn about Bitcoin, you not only learn about Bitcoin per se but other areas as well.

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yeah, sure, let’s make a nice UI interface to be simple as possible for the user, but then nooo, let’s try make it harder and go back to command line and dig into the complicated commands and shit.

Users are complaining that they do not have simple nice UI to run nodes.
Umbrel devs work hard to achieve that.
Users now don’t want that nice simple UI, they want to go back to cli commands.
LOL this world is mad…

If you really like to use cli commands, why do you install Umbrel? Just fire up a basic non-gui node with bitcoind and lnd and done, do all the rest ONLY in cli.
Have fun!

Darth Coin, there are many ways leading to the same goal. Be open minded!

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