Date and time Umbrel

My Rasbery Ubmrel box shows incorrect linux date and time (RTL, TunderHub).
Is it ok if fix time zone from SSH?

I am Linux pro, I know how to change time on nix
My question is β€œIs it ok if fix time zone from SSH?” in Umbrel.
I thought maybe the time was specially set in the program

By default in Umbrel Time zone: Etc/UTC (UTC, +0000)
So its safe if i change it?

Good question. I’m also curious. It bothers me that the timezone is UTC, but I don’t know whether it is OK to change it.

Guys, UTC is the standard time for the whole Bitcoin Blockchain!
If you change that, the whole world would collapse :slight_smile:
How do you think a node from US will have same blocks with a node from India and Russia?


That makes perfect sense but local time zone setting or detection can be added in a future version to do a quick calculation before displaying the appropriate Good Morning vs Good Afternoon, etc greetings.