Team Umbrel HELP! How to change the time from UTC to CEST

I am very much asking for help, I tried it myself but unfortunately I give up.
I need in the nodered docker to change the time from UTC to CEST i.e. Europe/Warsaw, the module in nodered time of day and most reads from my umbrel home the UTC time, because that is what is in the nodered docker, as tp I checked in the terminal. The standard commands to change the time do not work as no permissions.

I’ve already dealt with it, although that doesn’t change the fact that something is wrong with the time zones in the umbrel system. If I purchased umbrel home, it should be possible to globally set it to my time zone : CEST Europe/Warsaw.

so far I have edited the compose file :

version: ‘3.7’
image: >-
network_mode: host
restart: on-failure
stop_grace_period: 1m
- ${APP_DATA_DIR}/data:/data
PORT: 1881
TZ: Europe/Warsaw
container_name: node-red-standalone_web_1