Creating an LN invoice remotely

I am a beginner with umbrel which is perfectly installed on a 19"rack ubuntu server. Channels ok, payments ok.

I would like to remotely create an invoice from a php web app . The apache web server being on the same local network as the umbrel machine. My php webapp has invoicing functions in usd or eur. I would liie to add LN payments.

I would like the web app to send a kind of “create an LN invoice” via php or javascript or any other programming technique to the umbrel server. Then get the return as text. When the text is returned the web app handles it and sends it to an arduino board locally (esp32 wifi) which converts it into a QRCode for the payer to scan. The qrcode being displayed on a local display attached to the arduinl

Can anyone tell me . I ve build the arduino board and made the scketch.

I do not know where to start to remotely create invoices. Is it possible ? Can anyone point me to a direction or a tutorial where I could read ?

You can use LNbits app from Umbrel. Have a lot of extensions to be used in any web.
Here I wrote 2 guides about that:

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Thank you.
I jumping there to learn…