Cooling required for Raspberry Pi 4B?


So I have recently setup my Bitcoin Node and wondered peoples thought on this case: should I upgrade for a cooling case? Also if I do upgrade and have to unplug and replug would this muck up my Node?


You should be fine as long you gracefully shut down the node before unplugging it. You can do that by the dashboard or SSH.

Dashboard: Login, bottom left Settings > Shutdown
SSH: sudo shutdown -h now
When doing the SSH route, wait at least 2-5 minutes or until there is no disk activity from the SSD/HDD by looking at the indicator light.


Thanks…do you think I should upgrade my case?

Monitor the temperature of RaspPi, if it raises over 70 C you need a better cooling solution.

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In my personal opinion, the case you linked above is good, but if you want a decent cooling case, you can get this:

I have the exact same case for my Adguard DNS server and running WCG/Rosetta@Home and it has been chugging along without any issues. Just that you might need to clean out the case every other week with a spray of canned air. We don’t want dust bunnies clogging up the fan!

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Flirc case works great for me. Passive cooling is my choice, I hate fans. However I’m just running the pi stock no overclock or anything

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Same as Syniscam. Using a basic RPi 4gb setup nothing special and the Flirc case dropped the average operating temperature to 50°C so …

using this passive case with max 50C