Keeping my node from overheating

Hi all! Does anyone have tips on how to keep my node from overheating so I can keep it running 24/7? I have a raspberry pi that is recommended on the Umbrel website. Any tips on fans, heatsinks, or other methods that people have used to keep the raspberry pi from overheating would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Ola Eugene,

You can use passive cooling heatsink and also with a fan.

I have the Argon ONE M.2 case and the Flirc case, and happy with both. Altough I recommend the Argon case, the PI will heat up wile syncing.

Also some more information:

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Thanks! I currently have the Flirc case. It was getting pretty hot but it was also syncing with the network when it was hot. Are you saying that once it’s fully synced, the pi should cool down and be fine?

Yes, the sync causes a high load, afterwards the pi gets less warm

Mine keeps going to 80-85 C and staying there even after it’s 100% synced. Maybe the area I keep it is not so well ventilated? Or is the FLirc just not as great of a heat sync as the one you mentioned?

The Argon has a fan, although I configured it to start above 50C, it almost never spins.

It’s around 22C in my room with good ventilation.

I’m also using the Flirc case, PI 4 8GB and my sync started 3 days ago. Currently at 76% and my temp has never exceeded 55 C. Did you use the thermo pad that came with the PI 4?

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I’m running the same exact setup as you, Flirc cas, Pi 4 8GB.

Mine has definitely been running hot. I’m not about 3 hours after full sync, and I’m sitting at 58 C. During sync it got up to 62 C. I of course applied the thermo pad, but could there be any other reason for temps to differ this much for the same exact setup? Airflow is pretty good as well.

Edit : Actually just looked again, sitting at 60 C post sync :confused:

I noticed that when I put my SSD under the Pi, the Pi started running a lot hotter. Different cases will provide different kinds of air flow, still playing around with a setup that in compact and runs well.

@lightningpleb has a good point. My external HD is self powered so could run hotter if being powered by the PI if you’re running an SSD.

Hi. I had the same problem, but I was hoping that it would go down once the blockchain is synced; not finished yet. I put a small usb fan next to the case. It lowered the temperature by 30 degrees C.

I didn’t use thermo pads. But I got some and it seems to be helping now! It’s staying below 80C during the sync now. Thanks!

Damn, people in here are getting 30C and upset when it’s at 60C. And I’m just happy that I got it below 80C LOL

LOL. Didn´t get 30C though, but 30 down from around 80 to 50 :smile:

I have the GeekPi Armor Case v2.0 with a GPI powered fan. I don’t power the fan, so running passive at 50 celcius under heavy load.


Can I ask how you configured your fan to start over 50, mine is running 24/7 im syncing block chain so I will leave it till it’s finished. But I would try to configure fan after if possible.

Sure! Do you also have the Argon ONE M.2? If yes, I used this tutorial on YouTube. Fan control starts at around 7:15