Cant get past initial set up. SSD?

Have tried to set up multiple times and keep failing. says failed to connect external drive.
i attached a screen to the Pi and it is stuck here.

have all the recommended hardware.
please help

Hi. You likely got a defective usb cable or sata case.
Change those pieces and do a copy test to check if working:
1 - plug SSD system to a desktop or a laptop USB3 port (blue color inside conector)
2- format SSD in any file system you like
3- write a large file file to ssd (greater than 1 GB)
4- copy the written large file from SSD to itself (in same or another directory, no matter)
5- if parts are health, copy speed should be steady and in range 100 to 160MB/second
6- if not pass copy test, change cable or case and do test again to determine the issued part.
You may also have a SSD issued, but that not so common.