What happend here?

Can someone tell me what happened here?
Is that because of something got wet? Or was the case to small for the Raspi?

Thanks for your help!

oh no!
this is corrosion
caused by liquid or high humidity
but because it’s so much i would definitely say there was liquid standing in the plastic bottom
try to clean the pcb (logicboard) with isopropanol (99,9% alcohol) and a toothbrush maybe your lucky and the pi is still functional.


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Ok thank you for your help! I will try it.
But I still can’t imagine where this liquid came from.

Because my SSD and the adapter for the SSD also destroyed and dont work anymore. Its so strange

no worries
but where did you placed it? near window or something?

according to the picture and the corrosion i can clearly see that water came from the Ethernet-Port
it looks like the Liquid may came down the LAN-Cable.

you can see the corrosion is strongest there (brown color) also the housing has the only corrosion there on the top where the Ports sits. the liquid was going down from there in the housing than spreding as my arrows showing. the corrosion on the usb ports is just because there was liquid in the housing standing for some time and the solder joints touched it as well.

if the ssd and adapter died because there was liquid inside as well. at least you’re proobably able to save the pi. to save the ssd and adapter you need to open this as well (maybe the adapter is not worth it to fix).

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Hey thanks for your help!
Yes you are right.
And I also saw that the SSD and adapter are not working 100%
The adapter is complete destroyed. And the SSD give me a strange message when I tried to start with another PI. It says “Failed to start containers”. At first I thought it was the mSD so I bought a new one. But umbrel still noch starting with the same message. So I have the SSD in mind.
Do you know if I can format the SSD and recover the umbrel with my 24 words?

Thanks for your help!

ok so how did the Cable get so wet can you clarify this for me? just wanna know now as well :slight_smile:

oh oke, you can check the SSD health with a SMART Support program like DriveDX (if it’s still ok).

if you have the 24 words you can get the wallet back
for the channels you need the backup (externally or there is also something in umbrel server) depends if you used it (by default is on) so it will come back after you reinstalled LND App and use recover channels option.



Hey, thank you very much for your help!
I really don’t know where it get so wet, that is exactly my problem. The node are in my living room and I have no wetness in here. I looked everywhere on the wall if there is any water coming down, but I didn’t see anything. Its so strange!
And no not near windows, just in the middle of livingroom.

Ah ok thats nice I will check the SSD before and to formt is my last opinion.


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no worries, glad to help :slight_smile:
ok that’s strange then but it looks like there was a lot of water
maybe someone spilled something.
or it went trough/on the cable

mysterious for sure!

Edit: ah and one thing could be also related to condense water. from the air (high humidity or because it went hot/cold inside the housing) but actually this is very unlikely with this high demand of corrosion it must be a t least some ml liquid with minerals to get this kind of effect.

hope you get it back running,

Now I cleaned the Pi with isopropanol. Flashed a new mSD card with debian, the Pi starts with red light on and the yellow flashes most time. But I cannot get a connection via LAN and I don’t get a signal via HDMI. Do somebody knows something I can do? Is the Pi complete destroyed? Or just the inputs, because the USB ports also dont work.

Its a Pi 4 with 4 GB ram.

Thank you for help!