Can't download apps on my Umbrella

As the subject says, I cant download apps on my umbrella from appstore. Anyone else having this issue? I klick “Install” on a certain app and nothing happends, it seems to be loading forever.

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Thank you! tried it, and now Lightning wallet and Bitcoin wallet is stuck at Syncronizing… Bitcoin Core is 100 % synronized and is validating blockchain fine. If you/anyone know of this issue and how to solve please let me know. Will do my own digging in the meantime.

What did you tried?
There are many points in that troubleshooting manual.
If you do not run the debug logs your will NEVER know what is going on. Neither us.
Read the logs!

Thank you, I ran the logs and saw that lnd wallet was locked. So I unlocked it and now its syncing up! Problem solved, thank you for your assistance Darth, much appreciated.


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