Can I have a multi user environment on Umbrel Home

I would like to have an Umbrel Home node with two or more separate private environments for a family member only accessible with own password. Is this possible and how would I do this.
Thank you.

Hi @Coddiwompler59

Unfortunately we do not support multi-user access on single devices just yet.
Personally I have a spare instance of Umbrel running at home- I then set-up my housemates with access via tailscale (you can find this on the app-store). From the tailscale admin page you can then set-up access controls to limit access to different apps via their port number.
Please let me know if that interests you and you need any help setting that up.

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Thank you for your answer…
Really appreciate that. So I understand with ‘Tailscale’ I can have certain parts of the mini server excluded for others that have the same username and password.
I have to look into that to have a file setup where certain parts of the folders will be locked or others.

I don’t have the Umbrel Home yet, because I am a Nomad, always travelling and not always access to the [Wifi] router to connect it to. But I’m planning to do that soon.

From what I understand, tailscale is kinda like a VPN and allows others direct access to your Umbrel machine over your tailnet network. You can then create rules and limit user access within this network. Hope that clarifies things a little more. Network access controls (ACLs) · Tailscale

Not sure on the best solution for travelling with a Home, but some people make it work!

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