Screen for DIY Pi

Hi all,

Do you know if it’s possible to display blockchain stats on a screen attached to a DIY Pi running Umbrel?



Yep, I’m aware of the pre-built Bitcoin Machine. My question was related to a DIY Pi.

I am wondering if I can attach the 7" screen plus the screen holder and have it display a webpage or something that I can configure to show block number, USD-BTC exchange rate, LN channel stats etc?

Maybe you can use the stuff from Raspiblitz, it should be compatible. Try a search in this forum. I think I saw something related to this in the past.

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Here is the other link.

No details, but I have asked on that thread.

Would be awesome to have a ‘Display App’ that could be configured to show a range of options on a connected screen.

How difficult is it to create apps on Umbrel and do they have access to the display port?

Not sure if is not already as proposal on Umbrel github. Take a look first.