Bitcoin node transparancy

How do we see what our node is doing? I thought there would be more options to monitor the traffic. I want to see my transactions actually using my node when I setup my wallet with its IP address. Would be cool if there was a notification or a way to monitor the local transactions in the app. I can pull them up in mempool but I dont see what node is being used for that transaction. I am new to this so maybe I am missing something.


Sure thing, there are some great command tools for this.

You can follow these steps to access Umbrel from the terminal

then you can use bitcoin-cli to interact with your bitcoin node directly

sudo ~/umbrel/scripts/app compose bitcoin exec bitcoind bitcoin-cli help

or lncli to interact with your LND wallet directly (Umbrel uses LND as your main onchain & lightning wallet)

sudo ~/umbrel/scripts/app compose lightning exec lnd lncli help

Be careful sending a transaction from this interface until you are confident in what you are doing, but you can probe many different things about your node from here.

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Thanks again for the info. I was able to ssh into it and try some of those commands. Still not finding what I am looking for though…

If I used a sparrow wallet app on my pc and I put in the node ip address for my umbrel so it uses my node for transactions. How do I see that information on umbrel when I place a transaction?
I want to see the information so I know it is actually using my node for the transaction. Maybe show the IP of my pc is connecting to it locally with transaction info or something.

When you SSH into youre umbrel, you can see in BTC node logs that you broadcasted tx or that another mobile app connected to your node was looking for some data etc. If thats what you are looking for.

Sorry, I do not know linux too well. How do I view that? Can I watch it in real time?

I would checkout with terminal into Bitcoin core directory and search for log files with actual log messages. I don’t know exact steps → where exactly they are located in UMBREL.

smolgrrr Maybe you know to help us here? Can you please describe exact steps how to get there?

I agree with @MrJay

That would be cool to have an UI to have more informations and/or read logs from an friendly UI (That’s one of the reason we choose Umbrel btw)

I have the same request. I’m using my node to broadcast my txs using Sparrow Wallet, and it would be cool to be able to read some logs directly from Umbrel UI.