Bitcoin keeps on "starting" after i changed some of the advanced settings

Pretty much the title. How do i know what its doing now. The Bitcoin page keeps loading if i go to advanced settings again and try to change something it says

Something went wrong while attempting to change the configuration of Bitcoin Node.

But the advanced config is now pretty much default. Just like to know if its syncing again or its death or something. If i open lightning node it is stuck on the first loading screen.

umbrel-1671797674784-debug.log.txt (64.5 KB)


I think I had the same issue. From the looks of your logs, it appears your Bitcoin service is restarting. I could see the docker container continuously restarting on my machine. I ended up uninstalling the app an am now resyncing.

It happened to me as well when I tried to change the cache size for to sync the last 400,000 blocks.