Bitcoin Core in a different disk

Is it possible to install Bitcoin Core in a disk other than the /dev/sda disk? I have a main disk (SSD 120GB) only for the ubuntu OS and 3 other disks for storage and, obviously, 120GB SSD is not enough for Bitcoin Core


Hi @ggentile

Copying/migrating the bitcoin blockchain download and moving directories to utilize multiple drives isn’t yet officially supported, but there are some steps going over that process here:

Sometimes if this can produce errors though, so if you haven’t synced a large percentage yet and want to get the new initial blockchain download going as soon as possible you can install Umbrel on a separate drive:

You can specify an installation of Umbrel on an external drive with this command to install Umbrel elsewhere: curl -L | bash -s -- --install-path path/to/external/drive

Replacing path/to/external/drive to the path of another storage device (preferably also an SSD)

Hope this helps.

Hi @smolgrrr. Thanks!! In fact, I just found this command and performed a clean install of Bitcoin Core. Thanks again.

But is there any idea to provide a way to migrate everything to a different disk? Soon 1TB disks won’t be big enough for blockchain…

This is fairly easy via the command line too, but we are trying a back-up solution app for the whole Umbrel’s storage to help with this, which we hope will be out shortly!