Beta Phase will during until when?

Hi guys, sorry, if my english is not the best one. Here my question: until now is said, it is still beta. How long will in be take to be so sure, that you can use the wallet without the danger of loosingthe btc. Until now you say, deposit only what you can loose. Bit my raspberry pi4 works so fine with umbrel, i am so happy. Greetings from germany

Willkommen, Wolfgang - I don’t know if there’s a specific date for when beta will go away, but as long as you keep your seed phrase and channel backups, there’s little risk of actually losing your bitcoin.

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Hi jonsyu, thanks so far.
But allow me a question: channel backup: means this a raspberry back up or thomething special?

Ah, sorry - so, aside from seed phrase, you also want to save your lightning channels. It’s a little complicated to do it manually if you’re familiar with it (though instructions are available under this post, under “Recovering from a channels backup” -

Umbrel also attempt to maintain a backup of your channels which can get restored if you need us to help.

Thanks a lot