API request fail

I started a node three months ago and after a recent power failure it stoped. Then when I power it up again I could not log in. So I start investigating to see what is wrong. I’ve managed to update to version 0.3.10 and now I can log in but some API request fail, for example
/api/v1/lnd/info/sync - 500 - “Unable to get lnd information, failed to connect to all addresses”
/api/v1/lnd/wallet/btc - 500 - “Unable to get wallet balance, failed to connect to all addresses”
the list goes on but all got 500 errors ending with failed to connect to all addresses. From what I see all containers are up and running except Neutrino Switcher, not sure if it should stay up. Anyway I might of broken the configurations as well and now I’m not sure anymore what I did in my struggle to fix it. Any help is welcomed.
PS: I run this node on a ubuntu virtual machine hosted on a synology NAS.