Android Tor Browser Lightning Shell garbage screen

Anyone noticed using a mobile Android Tor Browser like Tor Browser (this is the most common Tor Browser) icm with the Lightning Shell extenion gives an unreadable screen (garbage font). I have posted the issue on the bug trackers of the Tor Browser itself, but no one in the world uses Umbrel on a mobile device with any Tor Browser. Ubrel itself on a mobile Tor Browser gives no (display) issues, but using it with the Lightning Shell extension gives an unreadable screen.
I have also tried other mobile Android Tor Browsers (orbot, I2P, Freenet, Tails, Waterfox, Whonix, GNUnet, ZeroNet) but all give the same unreadable screen. Anyone notice this problem too and have maybe a solution? Thanks in advance.

Lightning shell is a special app that makes possible cli commands. That means, it will emulate a terminal in a HTML page.
You should avoid using it on a mobile device and use only desktop device. Mobiles are not meant to do this kind of things.

I know pretty well what Lightning Shell does. And the Linux terminal I also use pretty often. I am often abroad and the more advanced lightning stuff can best done with the cli (lncli) commands. I do not want to open my ssh post to the outside world. Lightning Shell is a nice tool to do the job secure in a Tor Browser.
So I hope anyone else sort this problem out.

So if you know what is LN shell, then you know also that have nothing to do with Umbrel interface.

@DarthCoin by writing your last post “it have nothing to do with Umbrel interface” you didn’t help to fix the bug at all.

I ran into the same problem + I open the app on desktop, not on mobile, and I see the same screen.
Why is this app in the app store when it doesn’t work properly on the user device?
Did you at least test it before putting it into production? Comon, it’s not the first app that doesn’t work in production on Umbrel. That doesn’t motivate the user to stay using the Umbrel platform at all. When all the time something (an app) doesn’t work and nobody gives an answer why, or at least tell when it will be fixed.

Hi @crucifix Lightning Shell is not built by Umbrel like most apps on the app-store.
This is an open-source project, which unfortunately does not seem to be getting maintained recently. Your best bet is to try another browser, otherwise you’ll need to attempt to resolve the issue locally yourself.

Hope that helps.

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I see, I didn’t know that. Thanks for info @smolgrrr

How about to put in Appstore just apps which have proven long time support?
And removing those which are not maintained?
I mean it just make sense for me, if the goal of Umbrel is what I believe → to bring a nice looking and working product for its users? What do you think about it?

Thanks for the feedback. Best way to check for long-term support is to look at how long ago their last update was via the repo linked under ‘source code’, but I’ll also forward your suggestion to the team.

I believe we do have a policy for apps that means apps that no longer work due to breaking changes by other related-apps or Umbrel may be removed.

BTW last update of this app was 28 February 2022.

App is clearly broken with no support.

How long do you want to wait and how many other users have to complain about it before you take action? I’ll gladly do the Pull request myself if you agree to remove it from the Appstore. If you don’t have any tool to do this.