An unfair assessment of Umrel? (Start9)

Hi there,

I came across this short snippet by Start9 owner, Matt Hill.

I’m wondering if some of the community members might be able to address the criticisms Matt brought up.


I understand very little, but, StartOS is developed as ground zero for launching individual services each with its own docker instance, whereas Umbrel is a docker instance with more docker instances running within it (leading to odd edge cases when too many apps are added).

Listen to the last 2:42 mins again, and check some of the comments in the video affirming Matt’s assessment.

Just wondering what the community here thinks about it.

I think he brought up some valid points. I like the analogy. If you wanna or need to tinker with your own umbrel, you better have a few nights docker-compose under your belt to dig in. It’s all interconnected, which increases the likelihood to fail one service and create a daisychain to others.

Nothing against this approach if all works perfectly well together. Until it doesn’t.