99% Of Bitcoin Is Managed By Whales And Institutions

An analisis I read, and I fear it is real… This doesn’t smell right…
What is the meaning for little us for helping keep network?

Curious where you saw that statistic, I don’t think 99% is even close to accurate:

The unique attribute about Bitcoin and Nakamoto Consensus is that power isn’t given based on the amount of bitcoin you own. Someone with a million bitcoin doesn’t have the ability to change the rules any more than someone with a single sat - as long as you run a node, you can continue to validate the rules of bitcoin.


Well @jonsyu, that’s one point of view, and the bigger the number of (small) owners, the best.
Our mission is to increase the “managers”, those like the Umbrel operators. We, the 1%, need incentives to hodl some BTC and to help network alive and safety.

we are slowly approaching the phase when most of bitcoins will be exchange in p2p. And it doesn’t matter the amount of bitcoin you own. If you can live without a loan and save your savings. It doesn’t matter that the whale manipulate the price. It’s a child play after all.

next stop move out outside of exchange.

This is totally inaccurate and misleading, Bitcoin as currency have today at least by an order of magnitude more wealth distribuition ratio (equality ratio) than any others FIAT currency in existence. Do your own research, study Bitcoin, and stop with these fking retard FUDs.