Lightning BTC lockup rant

It would be nice to make some kind of decent profit/return from having your Bitcoin liquidity locked up. I am a strong beleiver in POW and I don’t think staking is right for every application, but in a sense, we are staking our Bitcoin to support the network with little to no returns. For me, it’s a hobby, and a fun one at that, but I am getting sick :face_vomiting: of the balance of lowering fees just so my node will continue to route. Once the channels are unbalanced I end up spending more than what I made from the routing fees to rebalance or close/re-open. Currently I’m just lowering fees in hopes that I don’t have to rebalance. :sob:
If I’m routing 10,000 SATS a week currently that’s about $114 USD a year, which is about 1% :face_with_raised_eyebrow: return on a .5 BTC capacity node :nerd_face:
Maybe some of you can tell me some of your success stories, give me some hopium, and light at the end of the tunnel. :heart: :sunny: :heart: