500 gb have downloaded but 160gb synchronized

500 gb have downloaded but 160gb synchronized
the synching was very slow, but I didn’t care. about 12 days later only 42% have been synchronized .while 500gb downloaded and about 30gb uploaded.

what’s the problem? why 500gb have been downloaded? and why 30gb is uploaded?
the whole of the blockchain is 390 gb,is’nt it?

I did test and monitor ,as you see after 3gb downloading it is synchronized 1 gb


How to prevent it :expressionless:

If this is the case, more than 1.25 TB of downloads must be made for the 400 GB blockchain

I had a better experience with MyNode

Is it possible to download the blockchain separately and sync it to Umbrel?
Is there a solution?

hm, but it’s a bit uncomfortable. You can setup a vm installing umbrel by download/syncing the blockchain. Its usually faster (2-3 days). But make sure you have a 2 TB SSD drive.
A VM is periodically writing checkpoints/snapshots so that storage will be eaten up.

Afterwards you can copy the directories bitcoin and electrs to your RPI4.

I have the same issue. less than 50% synched after 2 weeks.

MyNode took 2-3 days total to sync for me.

Those download speeds seem very strange for Tor, that is slow…
Are you sure only BTC Core and LND run on the node?

I wrote full instructions about that in the troubleshooting manual