3.5 inch Monitor drivers


I bought a case that has a 3.5 inch monitor for my RP 4. (This one) I was planning on doing a straight Raspberry PI OS and then run bitcoind and have that be my interface. But, then I came across umbrel. It’s such a cool project I just had to use this program.

However, now I have my monitor attached to the pins on the board and I I can’t seem to figure out if it’s possible to install drivers for it.

This was essentially the commands to do it:

sudo rm -rf LCD-show
git clone https://github.com/goodtft/LCD-show.git
chmod -R 755 LCD-show
cd LCD-show/
sudo ./MHS35-show

The drivers say it’s compatible with the following systems:
Ubuntu Mate
Retropie system

But I’ve yet to even find terminal access in Umbrel (if there is access) to see if I can get any to work.

Does anyone think I have a shot at making this work with Umbrel?


Sounds great. Thanks. I’ll just unplug the monitor for now to reduce heat and power.

I’ll keep an eye out for the app.


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im looking at how to do this as well. i know we can SSH into the Pi but im not sure if drivers can run in conjuntion with it. i would assume yes if i find info on how to do ill post here