0.5.x: applications missing; 2FA & TOR settings changed. Upgrade did not resolve.. reinstall apps?

I logged into my umbrel today (running on a raspberry pi 400) to see that my bitcoin node and electr apps were not working.

Upon restart, the applications were not shown on my home page, and the settings showed that 2FA and Tor were turned on, even though these were previously off. My background image was also reset to default, and my username was not shown.

I SSH’d in and saw that the app-data was still there, but the containers were not starting.

Reading some other posts on the forum, I decided to just upgrade to 1.1, rather than try to debug legacy 0.5 version issues.

Now that I’ve upgraded, I’ve regained control of the umbrel, but the application data is wiped off the home directory.

The SSD I have attached does appear to still have the data, given the consumption level observable in system settings.

But the question: can I just re-install bitcoin node and electrs, and will it identify the app data on the SSD automatically? I don’t want to resync, it took me a month.

Answered my own question …

docker logs --tail 100 bitcoin_bitcoind_1

2024-04-19T23:30:57Z [Chainstate [ibd] @ height 839689 (000000000000000000010206f91c110525474ab54e09fbaae6fa4cef47fbafef)] resized coinsdb cache to 8.0 MiB
2024-04-19T23:30:57Z [Chainstate [ibd] @ height 839689 (000000000000000000010206f91c110525474ab54e09fbaae6fa4cef47fbafef)] resized coinstip cache to 318.9 MiB
2024-04-19T23:30:57Z init message: Verifying blocks…
2024-04-19T23:30:57Z Verifying last 6 blocks at level 3
2024-04-19T23:30:57Z Verification progress: 0%
2024-04-19T23:32:11Z Verification progress: 16%

Seems like the old OS got corrupted somehow.

One possible breadcrumb: I did notice that application immich had failed to uninstall, and was still showing up on app screen the first time I noticed my node and electr server were unavailable

I’ll also say that, unfortunately, I did have to reindex my node after getting an indexing error

EXCEPTION: 15dbwrapper_error
Fatal LevelDB error: Corruption: 15 missing files; e.g.: /data/.bitcoin/indexes/txindex/384344.ldb
bitcoin in AppInit()