With umbrel and LN node, how to find profits and losses?

Running umbrel and LN (RTL and thunderhub) is there some way to extract what are the profits from all forwards (routing payments) and all losses from rebalances (and possibly from channel opening and closing)?

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Yes there are. It requires you to be comfy with the CLI / Terminal though, at least installing and navigating via SSH. Top to bottom ranked on insightfulness and simplicity to install:

  1. LNDg: Lite GUI web interface to analyze lnd data and manage your node with automation.
  2. BOS Accounting: Simple cronjob pasting your rolling daily and weekly profits / costs / onchain into a logfile. (Installation Instructions in Plebnet Wiki)
  3. BosBot: Bosbot is designed to manage lightning nodes (rebalancing, fee adjustment, connectivity management).