Where to safely store my own data?

I am running some non-app store apps on Umbrel as well, namely a temperature sensor that logs data to a text file.

I used to store this file under /mnt/data/umbrel/gan/ and, during an upgrade, it got deleted.

I know I should have had backups in case something went wrong. But what bothers me is that I lost the data while nothing went wrong.

So the question is - where would it be safe to store data?


I think I found the answer. The home directory (/home/umbrel) was actually preserved after upgrade. What was lost was stuff in /mnt/data/umbrel. This feels counterintuitive to me for some reason, but it is what it is.

So I’ll leave this here, just in case somebody ever wonders. Store data that you want to keep around in /home/umbrel.

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