Using Third-Party Docker Containers on UmbrelOS: Installation Outside the AppStore

Hi everyone! I’m trying to use third-party Docker containers on UmbrelOS, but I can’t find them in the AppStore. How can I download and install Docker containers that are not available in the UmbrelOS app store?

Hi. You simply create your own store on GitHub with the applications you are interested in. It’s called a community store.
I learned to add and create descriptions and icons myself.
Umbrel provides a template and instructions.

my store for testing:
I created the green icons myself, and to distinguish the application from my store, I stick to this color scheme

Am I correct in understanding that the link should look like this? bolvan · GitHub

Unfortunately not. You have nothing in your repository.

Overall, it’s really simple once you learn how to play with dockers. Clone the sample repository from the umbrrel link above into your repository. Then create a z directory with an appropriate name and the docker-compose.yml and umbrel-app.yml files.

And that’s all :wink:

here is a link to my test repo, but this one is for reference purposes, as I am constantly changing it to my liking.

Paste this link in your umbrel and test it

I added adguard home, but it doesn’t appear in the App Store Community why is that? GitHub - kotik0401/umbrel-community-app-store: Template repository for a creating your own Community App Store for Umbrel. Click "Use this template" and add your apps!

you didn’t read the instructions carefully.
You should have named the application folder: sparkles-adguard-home

while in the umbrel-app.yml file the id should also be:
id: sparkles-adguard-home

read the instructions carefully if you want your folder name

Thank you :heart:

did you install ? works ?

yes, thank you)

Is it possible to install via docker cli and not docker compose?

I don’t know, I wasn’t interested in it. I used a rather ready-made solution, i.e. a template from Team Umbrel. And why do you ask ? Problem installing via docker-compose?

What template are you talking about? Template for writing docker compose? I ask because there are applications from developers that do not use docker compose and you have to write it yourself

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