Unknown "Node not found" Peer appears on Thunderhub

I am fairly new to this, but getting along fine. Occasionally I will see a new Peer on Thunderhub, with the title of “Node Not Found.” I did not request a new node. In the details it shows no funds were sent nor received, although some bytes were sent and received. If I copy the Public Key and paste in 1ML or Amboss.space, it finds no results. So, where do these come from and is it OK to delete them.

No need to delete any peer connected to your node. Actually is good to have as many is possible.
Peer connected = a node that was routed a tx through your LN channels. It remains connected a bit longer and is just fine to be there.
When it appear like “node not found” usually is a mobile app node like Blixt, Breez, Electrum, Phoenix or even a node that put his alias “node not found”.

Thanx, Darth. I will relax.