Umbrel SSH connection issue - manual channel close after recover

Hello dear community,
since I’ve tried everything I found and now I’m at a loss, I’m reaching out to you. I’m running Umbrel on a small Dell Latitude Notebook (OS: Ubuntu 22), having switched from my old and aging Acer Notebook. Due to issues with the old node during the Umbrel update, I recovered Umbrel on the new notebook using the seed and RTL backup. So far, so good, it worked. On-chain funds are there, but the Lightning channels won’t close (more than 4 weeks). This is likely due to increased fees (channels were opened with 1 sat/vByte). I wanted to manually close the channels via SSH access following this guide (german):

What to do if your Lightning channel can’t be closed and remains in ‘Pending’ status forever?

Initially, I couldn’t access the node (“connection refused port 22”), which was resolved by installing an SSH server program. Now, with:
ssh umbrel@[IP-umbrel]
the password prompt appears. Neither my dashboard password nor the default password (moneyprintergobrrr) work (permission denied). I’ve tried various variations with “sudo” etc., but unfortunately, the result is always the same. Does anyone have a solution? Or does anyone know another way to close the channels manually?

Hi @Becksta just replied to your discord message, but just posting here in case too.

firstly, have you ever been able to access this new instance over the browser via umbrel.local /umbrel ? Quite often with Umbrel installations over Ubuntu the user and hostname are not umbrel . For instance, one of my VPS instances uses the machine name for both the host/username so i have to use ssh test@test.local. 1. which would explain why you’re still prompted for a password (which are not working) cause this may be the wrong user

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