Umbrel/Lightning Physical Security

I’m still wrapping my head around Lighting…if I am using my Lightning node on my Umbrel, and it has channels open with sats in them, and someone steals the Umbrel…do I lose my sats? Can they take my sats?

Hey @kenwdelong, they would need your Umbrel dashboard password. If you have 2FA enabled they’d also need your authenticator app. Or they’d need your login and find your seed phrase.

When you notice it is stolen it would be advised to spin up a new instance of Umbrel and recover using your 24-word aezeed seed phrase. One way to do this quickly is to load up Umbrel in a virtual machine, on a spare laptop/desktop, or even on some service that will allow you to run Ubuntu and you can recover all your funds as soon as you have a new Umbrel working with your 24-words.

Interesting. Could they not bypass the password by plugging the SD card and/or SSD into a different machine as non-boot drives? I assume storage is not encrypted…

The MicroSD card would just have Umbrel OS and no data, all data is stored on the SSD and it would still require a password to access your Umbrel dashboard and SSH in

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