Umbrel keeps disconnecting!


My node is synced but it keeps refreshing I guess…so it stops from time to time, is it normal? It needs to be restarted from hour to hour?

and yet the mempool keeps running…


Please send a Log. Otherwise we are not able to help you.

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thanks in advance!

You created the log right after start up.
For me everything looks good at this time.

Can you provide another log after it stops synchronizing.

Error: Failed to fetch debug data.


:upside_down_face: the only thing you can do is to try again. or connect a display to your umbrel. maybe there is a hint on what’s wrong

What do you mean ? Connect a display ?

If you can give me some more information please …

Connect a display to the device on which you are running umbrel, so that you can see the output of the tty1.

I’m running a VM, which is running good I guess …

what’s tty1 ? there is some code to debug logs of the VM ?

Okay so you are running umbrel on a VM. It would have been nice to have this information earlier. xD

For future questions it would be nice when you provide some informations about your setup directly :slight_smile:

Connect to your Umbrel via ssh when it stoped synchronizing again and run the following command in the terminal:

sudo ~/umbrel/scripts/debug

this should give us the logs with the information what’s causing the problem

idk how to…my ubuntu seems to not recognize the ~ key …